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About Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service

Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service (NFRS) strives to deliver an efficient service to all members of the community both responsively and preventatively. Working closely with our emergency services colleagues on the frontline or in a supporting role, we are invested in delivering change for a safer Northamptonshire for all.

Our Vision and Values

The Fire and Rescue Service are in the midst of a challenging reform and change agenda and, whilst there is no shortage of opinion or direction on what needs to be done, it is important that we consider and agree how it will be done, just as our individual values determine our own behaviour.  The acceptance and adoption of organisational values should improve the quality of our service to the public and the way we work together. When asked, people in the Fire Service felt that honesty, integrity, trust, teamwork, service and respect were still important and relevant in today‚Äôs service. Our values have been born from these feelings and can be seen below.

Our vision: The vision of NFRS is Making Northamptonshire Safer.

Our values: excellence, trust, respect, inclusive, humility, caring, integrity and pride.

The service's vision can be viewed here.

Strategic aims

Each year the service undertakes a strategic review, analysing current national and regional guidance, influences, performance and expectations, together with access to resources and progress made to date in modernising and improving the service. The purpose of these reviews is to focus work on organisational direction and community safety outcomes, ensuring the services aims, objectives and priorities to support the vision. To achieve our vision the service has identified two strategic aims, supported by three key objectives for the period 2019 to 2022.

The strategic aims of the service are underpinned by three key objectives:

  • Keeping our communities safe and well
  • Keeping our staff safe and well
  • Making the best of our resources

In support of each objective, the service has identified priorities to deliver these objectives:

Keeping our communities safe and well

  • We will adapt our response to emergency incidents to meet changing demand
  • We will reduce fires and accidents in the home by educating and supporting people to be safe
  • We will minimise the likelihood and impact of fire in high risk premises through our inspection and enforcement work
  • We will work with others to broaden our prevention activities to improve the wellbeing of our communities
  • We will make responding to medical emergencies part of our normal business so we can help more people

Keeping our staff safe and well

  • We will value our staff and provide health and wellbeing support
  • We will continually develop our staff to ensure they are able to do their job
  • We will commit to being a learning and listening organisation
  • We will provide suitable facilities to ensure our staff are able to do their job
  • We will provide suitable vehicles, equipment and systems to support staff to do their job

Making the best use of our resources

  • We will work with others to ensure efficient and effective use of funding
  • We will develop modern and flexible ways of working to meet community needs
  • We will work with out communities to improve diversity of our workforces and services
  • We will communicate clearly and give people the opportunity to influence our service
  • We will work with volunteers to improve community safety
  • We will look for opportunities for income generation to support community safety

The adoption of our IRMP allows the service to organise and prioritise using the available resources and budgets, making collaboration with other fire and rescue services and other key partners more viable.

The IRMP can be viewed here.